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Braig, bastard child of the sea

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Christmas is approaching like a stealth bomber.

I can't wait to eat huge amounts of unhealthy Christmas snacks. Also, we need a fucking Wii! We have Twilight Princess and no Wii. It is a sad, sad thing.

Going to see Eragon tonight, hope it's good.
Braig, bastard child of the sea

Good news and crappy books

Good news....My sweet Zelbaby is working at Game Stop now, and they have a FANTASTIC benefit! Employees can rent ANY game or movie at the store for free anytime. And a 30% discount (or was it 20? Pretty sure it was 30) off of everything you buy. I squee, I squee hard. We already bought the original Drunken Master (with Jackie Chan) and he picked up Pokemon puzzle Challenge. We rented (FO FREE!) God of War and our greedy paws will be descending on Twilight Princes as soon as the store gets it for rent. ^_^ Justin still works at FedEx Kinko's and yes I am still here at Baymont. I will be quitting but not till after Christmas because now I can save up 200 from each paycheck to get Christmas presents with. I am so excited about that...I mean, I've never really had the luxury of setting aside money from ANY paycheck.

Fierce Diety Link statue here I come, mwahaha.

Oh and in reference to shitty books: I am Charlotte Simmons is a ridiculously awful book that's written by a self-important old white guy who thinks he is the shit. THE SHIT. Goddamn I hate that book. Also, for future reference Mr. Wolfe, repeating words doesn't add impact, it just takes it away and irritates the actual college students who have to ready your shitastic book for class.

Example text: "And he felt the old tingle stir and stir and stir his loins."

~_~ FTOWG! Fuck that old White Guy!