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Christmas is approaching like a stealth bomber.

I can't wait to eat huge amounts of unhealthy Christmas snacks. Also, we need a fucking Wii! We have Twilight Princess and no Wii. It is a sad, sad thing.

Going to see Eragon tonight, hope it's good.
Braig, bastard child of the sea

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It's been a long week. Poor Justin and Cat have the flu and I mean HAVE THE FLU>. I have been taking care of them very well though. ^_^ It's good to have some responsibility on my shoulders...household wisdom up one level! (okay okay so the long room still looks like the ROOM THAT ATE THE LAUNDRY.) Three way relationships are like back breaking labor but it is worth it. :)

Craig I will be calling soon, I'm sorry that I've been negligent on that. I would love to discuss Christmas with you. I can tell you now that me and Josh are both wanting to throw a party about a week before Christmas (he will be gone week of Christmas) but me, Justin, and Cat would love to see you closer to Christmas than that so feel free to come over more than once! And we have internet now, YIPPIKAYAY-YAOI!

You will like your Christmas present this year, Craig. ^_^ Mwahahahahahah. Hahh. Her. Ahemhem.

And two more recommendations:
Flushed Away (hilarious, witty, BRITISH, Ian Macellan, Bill Nighy, Jean Reno, fast paced, horrendously adorable at parts, great soundtrack, tongue in cheek adult humor sometimes.)

and a manga that I bought from Alibris.com called "Category Freaks". I'm going to do a full review in my next post of the two manga I got because it deserves a nice long review. Suffice it to say it is original, beautifully drawn, disturbing, sexy, and the main character is darkly witty, refreshingly bizarre, sensual, and absolutely charming. I also can't say much without it being a spoiler.

Here's a link so you can see what he looks like: (it's tiny) http://www.animeondvd.com/images/coverart/categoryfreak1.jpg

And one more (bigger)

Yes that eye is suppose to be there. And yes he is as weird as he looks.
Braig, bastard child of the sea


Been watching lots of movies lately, which is fine and diddly with me. I'm a movie buff who will watch *almost* anything. Re-watched Love Actually (still on the top 5, if for no other reason than "C'mon, dad, let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love!" Of course there is also the impeccable performance of the ENTIRE cast)

Also watched "The Ghost and the Darkness". Impressions: Fantastic movie, eerily enough a TRUE story...gotta go to that museum in Chicago where the two lions bodies are kept. Val Kilmer however was ROT AWFUL. Jesus H Christ that was a bad fake Irish accent. It was worse than Cait Sith on a bad day. He was either forgetting to do the damn thing or over-exaggerating key words as if to say "Oh I remembered I'm Irish, better compensate!". Everyone else in the cast was spot on, especially Michael Douglass as Remington. That man could outstare Mad Eye Moody, I thinks.

Haven't watched Tank Girl yet (got a slew of cheap VHS's), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, or The Red Violin. Re-watched The Running Man and Terminator. Phew, that's a lot of Arnold in a short time. I forgot he showed his ass in The Terminator. Senator ass, hehehe.<---no I am not a grown up thank you.

Um......................yeah, still doing classes, still drawing a little here and there. Still wanting to get my BESM game back on track but enjoying Dinsdale and Eberron immensly. Tomb of Horrors kinda sucked my soul out and makes Silveris want to torture the lich for a millenia but...still somehow, I enjoy it. I'm glad Aya's influence is taking away some of Sil's hard edges. :;sigh:: I'm stacking up on crazy characters.

Also, Saito is the best thing ever.