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Braig, bastard child of the sea

Nanami as Empress, wtf?

Got a new haircut, and I'm very happy with it. It's very short (boy-short) in the back with only bangs left long (they kinda go around my face). I got a lot of compliments on it so I'm happy about that. It was originally suppose to look a little like a cross between my character Koyote and my hurtlovepain!boy Eric. Buuuuut...it doesn't really look like that at all. ^_^*

Fairfield has officially hired me and I"m suppose to show up on Sept. 19 for training...er..but I gotta tell Watson I'm quitting. I HATE telling people that..even if Watson is a mysoginistic passive agressive hypocritcal weasle dick monkey. *blows puff of air* Still, it's better to go after a job where people treat you with dignity. I am sick of Watson blowing up at me (like he does pretty much everyone else) when he's in a bad mood or someone else has fucked up. Or heaven forbid--I have made a mistake.

I found a place online, a Japanese store basically that sells the Utena doujinshi tarot deck (it comes with 24, they are all major arcana...2 deaths, 2 Empresses) for 20.00!! Plus 10 shipping, woot! That's SO much fucking cheaper than Ebay. I totally bought a deck, it couldn't be helped. Refund check, please come soon and save me from myself.