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Braig, bastard child of the sea

happy a-ko go yay yay yah

I am what one might call "obnoxiously" happy right now.

Only one more test and I'm free from school for awhile. Work is giving me more hours (finally) and because I could sell some books back I should have enough Christmas money to get some presents (phew). Also--I am actually managing to run a Kingdom Hearts game. I am playing the game currently so I have to take it slowly on getting to major plot. I set it right before Chain of Memories so that the plot can be affected in a less black and white fashion.

In other words--yes, some Organization XIII members can be saved. I find it very easy to play Axel, he's a real hoot. I like Roxas more or less though he is difficult to play (emolicious). I also realized something hilarious when we started discussing appearance levels..poor Vexen has old man face. And cheerleader hair. I love him anway, but I do find it hilarious that he looks like he stole a girl named Brittany's hair.

Life is yummy. Now, to continue a trend of my entries---I am hungry!