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Braig, bastard child of the sea

One of them there holidays

Dearest LJ, with your ups and downs,

I will be refraining from posting for a while, I have a lot of things to handle irl and I think I need to start cracking down and all that.

I love LJ for it's diversity and I love it for the people who post about their lives. I love it because I get to check up on people and see how they're fairing. I get to ready sexy fics/ read doujinshi, and best of all, comment on friends's LJs to let them know I still care. I am still happy everytime anyone has ever posted to me, it has meant a lot.

However. I do not like the lack of things I've done in real life, I do not like being called names behind my back, and I should be out there doing things I need to do first.

So, this isn't overdramatic I hope, I just wanted to stop posting for awhile (not sure how long) and I'll see some of you around.

~Sincerely and with a numb foot~