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Braig, bastard child of the sea

Another day, another chance

I've pretty much decided that I'll be changing to Art Education as my major next semester. I've already got the 21 hours of ART classes needed I believe..so I'll need the child developement classes and I think some general math/science classes to round me out. I think teaching first and second would be the best because it's still early enough to let them know it's okay to be creative, you don't always have to color that house blue and that grass green. Plus, it may be hard to get them to listen to some things, but first graders LOVE coloring and crafts. They're so blessedly unjaded and artistically responsive.

Truthfully, illustrating is my true love..but I don't know how I'd go about doing that as a career. Unless I can figure out and succeed at that, it's Art teacher for me. Fuzzy hair and overalls here I come.