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Like Rebel Diamonds

Cut out of the Sun

27 January 1982

Yeah, so I'll never ever know what to put here.

I try to be funny and sometimes it just comes out as nonsense. I'm a french-loving anglophile who loves Japanese culture and weird movies and comedy. I don't like people who think opinions are facts and I do like that I've been with my girlfriend for seven years now. I'm big into the The Mighty Boosh and drawing and wishing that Noel Fielding and I could skip through a field laughing about animals on crack.

I'll let you know how that turns out. Until then, I'll just keep writing slash and yearning for a world more fantastical than this one.

saitou is love
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Renji x Rukia is love.

Cid is &#^%ing Love

Reno's Expressions are Pure Love

Sephiroth is Omnipotent Love

Zelgadis is seriously Love