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Seems like a lot of people use Facebook now instead of LJ. Eh. I don't really write on this for social reasons, oddly enough. Not to say I don't enjoy conversing and commenting, etc. But I just sometimes like to write entries in a more journal-type outlet and Facebook isn't really journal-like at all. It seems to demand things to be more summarized. Quick bites of life. I think LJ encourages more expounded thoughts and certainly encourages a lot more lovely fics and creativity.

So yeah, I guess I want to start using this thing again. Maybe write out thoughts on the day in an attempt to better understand anything, everything, whatever. I also want to start writing stories again.

One tiny note: I had to do a pre-count at work (we count all inventory and sticker it). It took until 2 am instead of until midnight. And why? WHY? Because everyone wanted to talk instead of count except me and one other person. ARGHFARGHL.
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