April 1st, 2011

Braig, bastard child of the sea

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Where I work (Totally Can't Mention the Name but it rhymes with Shame Plop) the push for reserves and subscriptions has gotten a little out of control, imho. And by a little I mean DEAR GOD I am so sick of how important these numbers are when we don't get any form of reward for this ridiculous amount of #$!@#% upselling. Seriously, 'Stain Drop' is using us ruthlessly for something that is outside the initial job description. Advisors are basically cashiers who get minimum wage but are expected to guarantee thousands in extra revenue by professionally (with no training courses) extract money from the wallets of consumers. I believe it is not fair to punish for failure but not reward for effort. Just sayin'. They better not fucking read this random post and fire me either, I called them Pain Slop after all...who could that possibly be?)

Also: 3rd Birthday is pretty nifty. I'm not much for shooters but it's easy to get use to and the graphics are gorgeous. The fact you lose clothing from being damaged is hilarious to me...I don't think I can manage being a feminist. @_@